BéM - Locking system for mold

The « BéM » electric mold blocking system allows a mold to be locked and unlocked

safely without human intervention in the injection press.

  • It works simply, just connect the electronic plug to the press when the mold is in place to put it into function (unlock the mold).

  • The plug also makes it possible to recharge the battery when the mold is in operation in the press.

  • The « BéM » electric blocking system for molds complements the MLS 50T Liftmould lifting system to optimize safety and SMED time.

BéM, Locking system for mold

  • Electronic plug disconnected = blocking system activated - mold locked (cannot be opened)

  • Electronic plug connected = blocking system deactivated - mold unlocked (mold in working mode)

  • Battery recharge during production cycles with electronic plug

How does it work

Mold locked - BEM Liftmould.png
Mold unlocked - BEM Liftmould.png