Pure Hook is small, light, multifunctional tool, with antibacterial agents, which can be attached to your key rings.

It is made in France and recyclable, easy to handle and transport, it is an essential tool for your daily life.

It allows you to avoid touching public areas at risk without contaminating yourself and without damaging them.

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Quality of Liftmould group products:

To ensure optimum safety for our customers, we fully control the production line of the MLS 50T mechanical lifting system. We buy the material and manufacture the total system parts in our factory. All our systems are tested in real situation before delivery to our customers.

Do you want to try our system in real in your plant ?

Liftmould offers to test its MLS 50T mechanical lifting system in real situation in your factory to realize the gain in safety and productivity.

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The MLS 50T lifting system can lift and transport molds up to 50 tons.


It allows you to raise a point safely.


No modification of the bridge is necessary, the system works directly with the hook.


No manual intervention on the mold.

Norme CE 2006/42/CE.

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PIN 50T/15T/5T

Fixing accessory between the molds and the MLS 5OT

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Fixing accessory between the molds and the MLS 5OT

Download Technical documents :

Documents technique (FR)


Technical document (EN)


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LIFTMOULD Lda is the manufacturing plant for the MLS 5O T lifting system and the 50, 15 and 5 T plots located in Portugal, in the industrial area of Oia.


It was created by José Rodrigues, with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry.


LIFTMOULD FRANCE Sas is the parent company of LIFTMOULD GROUP,

She is responsible for the development and marketing of all products manufactured by liftmould Ltda.

The offices are located in the ZI of Bethune in Saint Ouen L'Aumone in France.


Liftmould France Sas is led by Corinne Carmarans, who has over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry.


In all his years, they have not stopped innovating in partnership with their customers.


In this new challenge, Liftmould wants to improve the safety and productivity of its customers in order to remain competitive in the global market.



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