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The New ELS 60T
Lifting System

Discover the new ELS 60T lifting system for molds


Let our ELS 60T lifting system take your business to new heights



No need to hang and unhook the molds rings

The ELS 60T works directly with the hook without modification of the bridge.

Raise in one point

Optimized smed time

Optimization of SMED time

Easy to use 

Optimization of safety (fewer accidents, stops…)

Gain human resources


No manual intervention on the mould

Avoid pinching or crushing with rings

No need to go up or down the mold to hang and unhook the lifting rings


CE certification

NRTL certification

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Liftmould  towards all-electric lifting

During the pandemic, the Liftmould company has used the free time at its customers and suppliers to form partnerships for the development of new products, in addition to its existing range of MLS 50T mechanical mold lifting systems.

This allowed it to speed up the market launch of its new fully electric ELS 60T mold gripping and lifting system, controlled by a wireless remote control, or directly by the overhead crane used to move the mould.

With a vision of tomorrow's fully automated factory, José Rodrigues, CEO of Liftmould PT, has entered into partnership agreements with a manufacturer of overhead cranes, a leading automotive supplier and a manufacturer of injection molding machines, in order to optimize its solutions for the all-electric plant. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Plants equipped


Smed time saving


Products Installed


Countries World Wide



Our Customers

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Contact us to request a test and try our ELS 60T lifting system in your plant

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