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Liftmould products


The ELS 60T Quick-Setting Electric One-Point Mold Lifting System was developed in cooperation with several automotive OEMs to optimize production and save mold change time (SMED).​

All Liftmould products are CE, NRTL certified and manufactured entirely in our factory in Portugal.

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Discover all our ranges of Liftmould lifting studs from 10T to 60T.

CE and NRTL certified, machine directive 2006/42/EC.

Made in Portugal.

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At the request of our customers and in order to allow you to center the molds which must be fitted with PL60T studs, the company LIFTMOULS SAS provides you with a tool which allows you to find the center of gravity of the mold well.

This tool is fixed in place of the PL60T stud, during the final assembly of the mold.

BEM 10 & 20 By Liftmould.001.png

The « BéM » electric mold blocking system allows a mold to be locked and unlocked safely without human intervention in the injection press.

It works simply, just connect the electronic plug to the press when the mold is in place to put it into function (unlock the mold).

The « BéM » electric blocking system for molds complements the ELS 60T Liftmould lifting system to optimize safety and SMED time.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The Liftmould company has developed a whole range of products that are easy to deploy and adapted to the mold sector (injection, foundry, etc.).

The ELS 60T lifting system adapts to all types of hook brands without any modification.


Liftmould has a whole range of studs that are easy to adapt to molds with different threads to allow easy and quick deployment.

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